Jeter’s Heart: Locket & Doggie Gift Box

JetersHeartBothIf you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook you know that my family rescued a dog last week. His name is Jeter and his quite possibly the sweetest dog I have ever met! He has truly completed our family and I feel so blessed that he has joined us.

I posted last week on The Dreaming Dilettante Blog how I felt that my late dog Munson was making himself known by sending a look-alike to appear in a recent photo of me. We hadn’t planned on adopting for another year but when we saw Jeter I could feel that he belonged with us and we took him home that day.
I made this locket using our Large Silver Tone Linkable Locket with Crystals on our Silver Tone Faceted Bead Chain. Inside the locket is our crystal dog bone, crystal heart, Locketice blue pearls, January birthstone charm (for our late dog Munson) and the February birthstone charm (for our late dog Tally). I love how it looks but also the feeling I get seeing their birthstones mixed with the blue pearls for Jeter makes me smile, like the pups are watching over us
happy that they sent us such a great dog!

Of course we had to add a little something for the pups themselves! Many of you know that I am a pet sitter as well and each holiday season I like to give my 4-legged customers a little gift. This year I will be making them all these cute little snow man boxes filled with goodies. It’s simple and cute but really easy for the pet parents to open. (Helpful when you have an impatient puppy waiting at your feet!).

The tutorial on how to make the gift box is over at Carriage House Crafter and you can watch it (as long as see a list of materials) over here.

Happy Designing!

-Michele Fawcett, Ind. Artist South Hill Designs




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